Wk 15 – Artist Analysis – Jennifer Watanabe

art110wk15 art110wk152

This week, I had the pleasure of viewing the artwork of Jennifer Watanabe. When I browsed the galleries on Thursday, Jennifer’s artwork seemed to “pop out” as a very distinct web-comic esque style, a style that I believe is emerging online. Most webcomics, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, seem to be drawn as if it was used by an advanced user of photo-shop, creating a very human style that can be related to by the common non-drawing masses. With drawing of so called “imperfect” characters, you can create an art style that will draw an audience, and allow them to focus on the dialouge between characters. In webcomics, sometimes the most minimalist styles such as Dinosaur Comics and XKCD succeed the most for this very reason: The art style is simple and somewhat deliberately imperfect, thus allowing the reader to focus on dialogue. I applaud Jennifer for mimicking this style so well, whether it be deliberate or accidental!

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