Wk 14 – Art Analysis – Yireh Elaine Kwak

Photo by Julyssa Juarez

Photo by Julyssa Juarez, since the photos I originally took were extremely low quality!

This week, I’ll be analyzing the impressionistic artwork by Yireh Elaine Kwak. According to the artist, painting came as a “natural instinct that emerged from a hobby”, very much similar to how I started my love of programming. She’s a lovely person, who was rather thrilled to answer questions about her work and her life.

However, the piece you find beside her, a landscape of Fullerton Hills, in all honesty I find to be okay. It isn’t the best of the best, but it certainly isn’t bad. Maybe I would enjoy other pieces by this artist, and maybe… once again… I don’t “Get it”.

But I find this piece only to be okay. Maybe I don’t like how the reds clash with the blues in the bottom of the painting. Maybe I’m just comparing to the masterpieces made by people like Van Gogh . But for some reason, I only think this piece is okay. This just goes to say that art critisism is perhaps a rather difficult thing to put into perspective, because art in its entire is mostly subjective. Its not like a film where you can dissect the CGI, or a book where you can analyze the writing style. Art by definition, will  not please everyone to the fullest extent. Myself included.

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