Wk 13 – EXTRA CREDIT – Lizabeth’s Geometric Art Algorithm

Here it is! Yet another algorithm that I followed! The algorithm went as followed:

1)Using a ruler, draw a straight line on a blank piece of paper

2) Draw an other line, making sure both lines touch at any point.

3)Continue this, each new line touching the last

4) Stop drawing lines once the page looks evenly covered in lines

5) Open Pandora Radio- choose shuffle station

6)Start to study for Nutrition 132 quiz

7) Every time you choose to skip a song, fill in a random shape with circles

8) Every time a song plays that you like, shade in a random shape completely

9)Repeat until you finally remember all of the water-soluble vitamins

Alright, so I followed this algorithm… and as usual I tried to break it. Why am I breaking people’s algorithms? Because I enjoy finding exploits. I enjoy finding little things that can make a piece of code break in two. I enjoy experimenting with the absurd to see exactly where an algorithm falls apart. And this is where the following algorithm fell apart:

Here's the result!

Here’s the resulting masterpiece!

Notice how I followed the algorithm EXACTLY: The lines are spaced apart evenly, they are all connected, and yet… they do not create enclosed shapes. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to fill in, and thus, the desired result is not achieved.

This series of extra credit goes to show exactly how important debugging/QA is, since if your logic is flawed when you write and algorithm or a piece of code, the results may surprise you!

If you want to check out this person’s blog, you can find it here:

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