Wk 13 – EXTRA CREDIT – Poetry Generation Algorithm by Hoc Nguyen

So another algorithm I followed this week for art 110 was an algorithm generated by Hoc Nguyen:

1) Take your favorite book.

2) On every page of a single chapter, use the last word of the page.

3) Create a poem or image using the collected words.

4) Extra words may be used to tie in collected words together.

Alright. So I took my favorite book:

“A Million Random Digits Normal Derivatives”, a book that was written before computer randomly generated numbers, this was a book made for scientists. It is still being sold today on Amazon, with quite hilarious reviews such as “I hoped for an audiobook version, but I was quite disappointed” and “I especially liked the imagery on page 37”. This book is my favorite book of all time since it is just so hilarious to think that someone compiled a list of random numbers, and actually sold this list of random numbers to people, all with a completely serious face. I took this book, and decided to make a poem using this book. The poem turned out as follows:

71834 18234 19304 02410 15393,
14958 25923 4o594 93280 29394 29384,
29194 03827 95489 23949.

I guess this algorithm fluctuates in quality based on the book being used.

If you want to try the algorithm yourself can check it out here:

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