Wk 13 – EXTRA CREDIT – JASMINEANN text message poetry algorithm

So my art110 class offered extra credit for following other people’s algorithms generated last week, so I decided to follow Jasmineann’s algorithm for text message poetry:

1. Get your mobile device!

2. Open up to your text messages.

3. Look through your messages of the last ten people you have messaged.

4. Write down the third word of the last text you sent to that person.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the ten people from your text messages.

6. Make a poem from all the words you wrote down.

7. Read your poem aloud!

So it turns out that this algorithm turned out quite… interesting for me. You see, I have this automatic script set up to text my boss whenever I arrive at work, so I text this same message over and over quite often. I haven’t texted very much this last week, so therefore, my poem ended up to be the following:

Arrived Arrived Arrived Arrived Arrived Arrived Arrived Arrived Arrived Arrived.

This is because the automated text message says “Kyle has arrived at the LosAl location.” This has been the thing that my phone has texted for the past 10 messages, so I guess this goes to show that sometimes instructions can have hilarious results when taken literally!

If you are interested in checking out the original blog post, you can read it here:

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