Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Angelica Palad

This week, I had the pleasure of talking with Angelica Palad, a freshman dorming in Parkside.

This young woman comes from a huge family with 6 sisters, since apparently the dad was trying for a son. What are the odds!

She comes from a nice rural area with agricultural heritage, and she describes city life as “definately something to get used to”!

However, what was most interesting about our conversation was her passion for nutrition. Apparently, she used to have very bad eating habits, and got to the point where she passed out from poor eating habits. After binge eating, she gained weight, and basically one day decided to turn her life around. Now, she describes herself as being more healthy and energetic than ever!

I learned a lot about proper diet from our conversation, one of the most interesting theory’s being “intuitive eating”, meaning listening to body signals. Hungry? You should probably eat. Feel sick after eating something? Don’t eat that. Simple stuff that many people ignore when they eat their food that can have a drastic impact on how they eat.

Thanks for the enlightening conversation Angelica!interview

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