Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe

This Thursday, I witnessed probably the most adorable exhibit I have seen in my art class career. A piece simply titled “Meow”.

kitten2 (1)Now according to Miss Sharpe, she created this exhibit in order to “express her fondness of cats and let her personality shine through”. Although she has never owned cats herself (only her roommates have owned cats), she has described her love for these furry balls of fun as helping relieve the stress of day to day life.

Now what makes “Meow” so adorable? Most likely the bright vibrant colors, combined with a hint of passion into creating the work. Unlike other works of art, this piece has stood out to me in a fantastic way, and made me feel a small emotion of joy when I viewed just how cute the exhibit was.

This piece is a perfect example of the power of art that comes from an artist expressing what they find special to THEM. This artist was NOT trying to create a great work of art, but by sharing what was special to her, she made me smile. Great work, Ashley Sharpe!

An adorable abstract painting of a kitten.

An adorable abstract painting of a kitten.

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