Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

This week, I started development on a puzzle video game which can be found here:


Now all games have an interesting relationship with the player. Although the player is limited to a certain rule set, the player still has freedom. Freedom to explore enviroments, and in good video games, make meaningful choices. Sometimes, the choices are obvious, such as in tell-tale’s classic, The Walking Dead. Othertimes, games use choice extremely subtly to immerse the player. For instance, in the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the player is dropped into a futuristic environment and told to hurry up and go to a helicopter for extraction to the game mission. Now since this is an FPS, the player is most likely going to travel around the office setting looting every item they can like a crazed kleptomaniac, but if they don’t finish their kleptomania craze in 10 or so minutes, the player is met with dead hostages.

In good games, your choices are meaningful. Choice is a powerful tool in the hands of a good designer, and if used properly, it can show someone something they could never have thought they could experience.

In this puzzle game I made, the choices are very simple. “What can I do to make it towards the exit portal?”. The player is given an algorithm that lets them experiment with the game mechanics. It tells them virtually NOTHING other than the basic controls, and a brief hint at how things might work. This game that I’ve made is an algorithm of discovery. A simple algorithm, but one that I hope is worthwhile to give the player a “mind warping” experience!

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