Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Joseph

I met Joesph a while back in my communications class. We were rather nice acquaintances before, and we got along just as well back then as we did now.

However, I never realized until talking with Joseph that he has made some pretty cool things. Apparently, he has made some fantastic mods and models for the game: “Gary’s Mod”, and has a small yet dedicated follower-ship on his deviant art.

We joked about how deviant art was usually full of either fan art or weird pornography, I talked a bit about myself, he about himself, and overall, we had a lot of fun with this conversation.

Yet again, I am writing this with a 101 degree fever, as this is the only day I have available to do these blog posts for this art 110 assignment. I apologize if there’s a lack of quality in this post.

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