Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Mukesh Sehdev

This week, I had the pleasure of talking with a fellow PC gaming enthusiest Mukesh Sehdev in my art 110 class!

Now Mukesh is, like my self, a computer science major who being passionate about video games, decided to learn how they work. He has created several games which he has released on the app store for free, with reviewers harshly criticizing his games despite the fact that they were all completely free. He is a third year, who frankly put, “wants to graduate ASAP”.

Last week, he talked about how he was currently fiddling around with doom maps which he posted on the /r/doom subreddit, and has played around with unity making a “slender” like game where he learned how to code basic actions such as picking up a piece of paper and entering new areas on the map.

Currently, he is playing his future by ear, since he isn’t really sure what he wants to do. However, with what he has made under his belt, and a passion for creating new things, I believe that this person will go far in life!


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