Wk 10 – Art Analysis – Just Don’t Clog the Sink (AKA “the plaster show”): Kinetic Sculpture by Anonymous

I chose this piece, not because it changed the way I thought about art, or because it made me a better person, but rather because of how enraged I am by it.

Here is the piece in question.

I have many questions about this piece, one of which being why the heck are two dang hands twanging doornob tits?

I thought to myself, maybe I’m not an artist. Maybe its something brilliant, so I showed it to my mother, who is an artist by trade. She told me the following:

“Why the heck are two dang hands twanging doornob tits?”

We couldn’t find out why the artist did this. I can’t find a good reason. Is the artist trying to express his or her sexuality? I don’t know. But this piece enrages me. To me, this piece is in the gallery for “shock value”. It was not in the gallery to express an emotion the artist felt, and it sure as heck didn’t seem to convey an interesting idea.

“But what if the shock value IS the art?” one might ask.

Good question. To them, I say that then the art is worthless junk. Shock value should never be used lightly. For instance, in a genre full of shock such as horror, a good horror book or film will often capitalize and terrorize us, so that we may discover what we are afraid of. Maybe we are afraid of losing control? Maybe we are afraid of being powerless? Good horror explores these fears, and uses shock value in order to make these fears all the more real. Bad art merely shocks the audience for the sake of shocking the audience. If there is no purpose behind the shock value, then the art serves no purpose rather than to bring disgust to those who look at it.

This piece had no description, so even if the art had a deeper purpose, I would not know. I’m sorry to the anonymous artist, but I loathe this piece. The piece is very aesthetically pleasing, and I’m sure the artist has done many other fantastic works. However, this anonymous kinetic sculpture is nowhere near to what I would consider to be quality art.

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