Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

This week’s activity was divided into three parts: Drawing a map (without looking at one), “adopting” a building, and redesigning the campus.

wk 9 activity

A level of cartography akin to a person in the second grade

For the first part, I found it much more difficult than I anticipated. However, I learned a lot about my usual habitats, where I find things to be important, such as knowing the engineering building area more than the business area. When compared to an actual map of CSULB, it looks hilariously due to the human mind attaching to landmarks and misappropriating distances between these landmarks.

For the second part, I adopted the USU and decided to ask my friends who enjoy relaxing in the game lounge. “Why do you hang here? What makes this place special?”. I was expecting a wide range of responses from food to the ping pong tables. However, to my surprise, many of my acquaintances that I interviewed were there for one core reason: Waiting.

“I wait here for my class”
“I wait here for my club”
“I wait here for my boyfriend/girlfriend”

This is extremely fascinating, since although the USU is advertised as a place of entertainment and food, many people don’t go there for those reasons. They go there as a place of waiting, with the entertainment and food being a nice way to pass the time until what they really have to do.

For the third part, I was hanging out with a good friend of mine while doing this assignment, and I was reading aloud how this part was able to be done in “any media”, and I jokingly said that we should redesign the campus in the video game, Minecraft.

So we did.
2015-03-22_16.53.33 2015-03-22_17.14.11 2015-03-22_17.26.55

This was a lot of fun. We argued over many things, from wallpaper colors to “Greek-Roman vs modern” design philosphy. We both learned a lot about architectural design from this experience, mostly how hard it is.

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