Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

wk 7 ai (1)    wk 7 ai

This week, I interviewed artist Mike Lewis and discussed his piece, My deepest sincerities if it never happens.

Following the UCSB tragedy, Mike Lewis decided to explore the campus and find out for himself what answers he could find about the unfortunate event. According to his perspective, photography can never be unbiased, as the photographer imprints his or her artistic impression onto the photograph in the way they want to take it. However, Mr. Lewis decided to take photos of people he met, such as the woman in the right color photograph and the people from a party in the left photograph. He asked them questions, and he noted how after only 6 or so months later, the events were now “hazy” and almost surreal, hence why the photographs are not framed and are taken in black and white. The piece as a whole is designed to leave the reader with more questions than answers. “Why black and white? Why a grid? Why is the right photo in color?” According to Mr. Lewis, it is by asking questions that we can find answers, even to things as tragic as the events at UCSB.

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