Wk 7 – Activity – Portrait Photography

This weeks assignment was for the class to photograph themselves as a dead person. I decided to have a bit of fun, and do a small “unfortunate selfies” series, where I used digital tools such as gimp to edit in unfortunate methods of death.unfortunate selfie 2

In this first photo of this small series, I took a selfie, and edited it to become a stylized interpretation of being shot in the head. The blood is designed to look like water mixed with blood, since supposedly in the early stages of blood splatter, the plasma, which is mostly water, is brutally separated from the red blood cells, creating a pinkish-redish clear liquid with concentrations of intense red.

an unfortunate selfie

In the second photograph, I attempted to add in a meteor. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as well, since it looks extremely artificial. But still, its a fun edit, so I thought I’d include it in the collection.

Overall, this project was an interesting experience. Death is almost a “taboo” subject, so this project was fun to experiment with. Although a tad morbid, I had a fun time editing in my utter demise!

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