Wk 4 – Interior Semiotics: The Feminist Mirror

The video starts with a woman slowly opening an expired can of spaghetti-O’s with a can opener. This can mean many different things, one such interpretation being the unlocking of some unpleasant… truth, like a chastity belt on human sexuality.

She then proceeds to chant meaningless vowels and sounds from the English language, symbolizing the dissolution of female voices within media. She then comments on how everything is “shit”, meaning that the voices from feminism are silenced for being considered to be “unnecessary”. However, this is not apparent until she boils the spaghetti-O’s, cuts open her snatch keeper and gives herself a literal yeast infection from the blackened food product.

This is an incredibly powerful and shocking piece. In exposing her sex to the audience, she shows no fear of her woman-ness. And in inserting the blackened mixture into her vagina, she comments on how the voices of colored women are so often absorbed and overwhelmed by White women. Truly a bold statement on female sexuality.

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