Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Haley Toyama, Emily Babbette, Liz Talbot

art110 wk 4

This week, I interviewed two of three present artists for an interesting exhibit that experimented with perspective and light. According to the artists, “It is light that creates color, and it is light that influences are emotive responses.”

This gallery has no other meaning other than experimentation with light, but this experimentation is all this gallery needed. I rather enjoyed the art, and in the end, that’s what matters. I enjoyed it. The other pieces in the other galleries were interesting to say the least, but I didn’t enjoy them as much as these set of pieces here.

These pieces helped me wonder what goes into an artists mind when they consider light. Is it similar to perspective, where it is always an exact mathematics? How do you interpret reflective surfaces? Light is a fascinating experience in artistic works, and this small gallery of pieces helped me gain an appreciation for light in artistic works as a whole.

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