Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Quenten Brown

This week, I interviewed the lead game designer of a game currently in development: Super Autism Simulator 3000. As most of the artwork is being kept under secrecy, I will not be able to show this game. However, I will be allowed to talk about the mechanics and speculations that I have gotten from interviewing the lead designer, Quenten Brown.

Super Autism Simulator 3000 is a rhythm game designed the simulate the “alien” feel of conversation from an autistic person’s point of view, while keeping the player engaged and entertained. Although a lot of the mechanics are being tweaked right now, some of the mechanics are absolutely fascinating. For instance, each “conversation subject” has its own rhythm minigame, yet the player does not know the controls of these games. He or she has to learn how to communicate these different subjects by observing other NPCs play these games, and attempt to mimic their style of communication. One of the most interesting things I found was the design choice that if you stay with a conversation minigame too long, you “perseverate” and give the NPC a negative perception of you. Also, you are forced to play another minigame to “bridge” conversations, otherwise the NPC will see you as being too “random”, two major problems that autistic people are known to have while communicating.

I have very high hopes for this low budget game, as one of the best ways to understand something is to go into another person’s shoes and experience it for you self. I wish the developers the best of luck, and I hope that they might be able to release it to as many people as possible!

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