Wk 2 – The most beautiful piece of artwork I have ever experienced.

The most beautiful piece of artwork was made by a single Japanese alcoholic who calls himself “Zun”, and this piece of artwork I’m talking about is his game, Touhou 8: Imperishable Night. Here is some gameplay:

The music is fantastic, the artwork is gorgeous, and most of all, the player – game relationship is fascinating. Of this genre, the “Bullet Hell”, any experienced player can tell you that there are two ways to play a game. You can either memorize all of the bullet patterns, or you can go into an adrenaline induced “zen-like” state where you don’t think. You only dodge.

It becomes a certain deadly beauty, where the player knows that one screw up can ruin an entire run, and where their skills during this “zen-like” state are put to the test. They focus only on themselves, tap into their most primal state of “fight or flight”, and dodge the beautiful deadly bullets from above.

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