Wk 2 – Activity – An ode to the piece of artwork I hate most.

I hate white on white and what it stands for. If you’re wondering what this piece of artwork looks like, look no further than here:

Seriously. What is this? Why the heck is this famous?

This piece was famous because supposedly, it represented a “shift in dimensions” so to speak. I call that utter BS. This piece of artwork single-handedly proved to the world that it was OK to be lazy as long as you have a BS reason for its existence. For my ode to this piece of artwork, I put as much effort as he did in his piece:


As you can see, this is a beautiful depiction of how much a man can hate “White on White”, the laziness, and the pure snobbery is recreated beautifully in this single image of gold spray paint on a card board box. Let this work be forever known as “A hatred of White on White.” Thank you, and Good Night.

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